Center for Engineering and Research
The scientific research park of the R & D center covers an area of nearly 100 mu, with 8,000 square meters of office space, 20,000 square meters of laboratories and pilot plants, and basic supporting facilities for public works. Preliminary establishment of reaction engineering technology research platform represented by fixed bed, fluidized bed, moving bed, boiling bed and slurry bed cold and hot model pilot plant; separation and transfer engineering technology platform represented by distillation, extraction, adsorption and transfer pilot plant; environmental protection engineering technology research platform represented by biological fluidized bed and gas purification pilot plant The anticorrosion engineering technology research platform represented by high temperature dynamic corrosion evaluation and natural gas corrosion evaluation, as well as the corresponding analysis and detection technology research platform and experimental equipment R & D and manufacturing platform. It has 15 sets of domestic first-class large-scale cold model test equipment for chemical engineering, 20 sets of large-scale pilot plant for oil refining and chemical industry, 20 sets of medium-sized equipment for anticorrosive agent evaluation, and more than 100 sets of small-scale laboratory model test equipment. It has more than 100 modern analytical instruments and equipment, such as chromatography-mass spectrometry, scanning electron microscope-energy spectrometer, X-ray diffraction spectrometer, etc. It has various simulation software such as PIMS, PRO- Ⅱ, ASPEN, ANSYS, CFX and so on. ​