Practice platform
The company is committed to new product research and development and new technology promotion, design, technology and color lead the entire industry. The Innovation Research Institute is equipped with a full set of equipment, such as digital color development, printing, printing prototype, multi-function test press and so on. The quality control system has 100 sets of paper, ink, plate and hardware testing equipment. Establish a technological R & D community with IMPRESS, a well-known German enterprise, and establish industry-university-research bases with a number of universities; take the lead in the establishment of a strategic alliance for technological innovation in the custom home industry, which has been elected as the chairman unit. He has repeatedly undertaken various forums such as provincial and municipal industry innovation and wisdom, and won the title of chairman of the cross-border household committee of the Family Association. The company has an internal staff circulation recruitment desk to encourage employees to choose matching positions and promotion, in order to spur the majority of cadres and improve the level of management. At the beginning of every year, the company organizes job fairs for basic, middle-level and management positions. In line with the principle of "fairness, justice and openness", the company builds a platform and a rising ladder for outstanding employees to display their talents. The implementation of the competitive employment system gives employees a stage to show, gives cadres a chance to choose, gives candidates a wonderful lesson, and improves the cadre selection mechanism through superior and subordinate selection and one-level selection. Improve the concept of employment, promote the development of enterprises to a higher direction.
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